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Management of Technical Education, MEd

The Management of Technical Education degree, which is a 36-hour degree can be completed online or through a combination of online and hybrid or online and face-to-face or a combination of all three class types.


The Management of Technical Education degree is a degree built with Career and Technical Education and training in mind. Students can hone their technical education and administrative skills through courses in career and technical education. These courses include methods of teaching and training, the professions of teaching and training, and human relations. Students have the option to include courses in the the area of Educational Leadership or explore courses in Occupational Education as part of the program.


The Management of Technical Education program is quite a bit more focused than interdisciplinary studies, with fewer options for course choices, but is made with the specific audience of educators and trainers in mind.


This program admits students with any bachelor’s degree who meet the admission criteria, however, it works best for those who are already involved in teaching or training in some capacity, even if just a small part of your work role.


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