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Graduate Program

Updates to Graduate Application Process_OWLS

* Due to COVID-19 and testing center closures, GRE or GMAT not required for Summer/Fall 2020 applicants.

* Additional Funding Opportunities is now Available! 

Email for more information.

  • Departmental/ College Scholarships 
    • Fall 2020- $1,000 scholarships 
  • Bobcat Cares information is COVID-19 funding that Graduate students can apply for - Click Here to Apply! 

The Department of Organization, Workforce, & Leadership Studies (OWLS) offers three graduate degree options. The benefit of our graduate degrees are the following:

  • You can earn your Masters degree completely online!
  • Individualized programs with flexible delivery and scheduling for working professionals.
  • The program faculty include individuals with a variety of backgrounds, specializing in teaching adult students who are working professionals.
  • Offers a unique opportunity to gain skills highly valued in organizations and workplaces.

Prospective Students: 

Ready for Graduation?

  • Apply online for the Graduate College
  • Submit the application to the OWLS Department
  • Follow dates and deadlines
  • Complete your Comprehensive Exam 
    • Both Written & Oral Portions 
  • Click the Graduation Resources icon for more information!

Online Graduate Practicum Forum

Spring 2020
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  • This presentation is a highlight of my practicum with the Hays County Sheriff's Office.  The purpose of my practicum was to understand how a law enforcement agency operates in the 21st century and understand their hierarchical/organizational structure. This presentation consists of my three objectives: (1) cross-cultural, global awareness, (2) intellectual development, and (3) career exploration. In addition, I provide a personal SWOT analysis to explain what I learned about myself upon completing my practicum.


    +Law Enforcement, +Community Policing, +Interdisciplinary, +Career Exploration, +OWLS, +Graduate Forum

  • This presentation summarizes my practicum experience in the Community Engagement Department of Statewide Intake. Statewide Intake is one of the five major programs within the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). Over the course of eight weeks, I was able to engage in various activities, apply theories to real life situations and obtain first-hand knowledge of what is required to be in a leadership role within a state agency.  In addition to networking, this experience allowed me an opportunity to self-reflect on the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats which could potentially impact my ability to lead.


    +Community Engagement, +Statewide Intake, +Leadership, +OWLS, +Graduate Forum

  • In this presentation, I detail my experience investigating the importance of student self-advocacy in higher education in the context of three objectives: cross-cultural global awareness, intellectual development, and career exploration. I had the opportunity to work with Upward Bound and immensely appreciate the insight I gained from working with high school students in a college-readiness setting.


    +higher education, +dual-credit enrollment, +student self-advocacy, +OWLS, +Graduate Forum

  • The purpose of my practicum was to explore the field of instructional innovation and curriculum design. I found that there was consistent intersectionality with innovative methods of teaching and ways in which course content could be more accessible. Educators are approaching course design in different ways and are more conscious that not everyone learns the same way.


    +Instructional innovation, +accessibility, +pedagogy, +OWLS, +Graduate Forum