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BAAS Degree Planning

In the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree program you will have an opportunity to individualize your degree program based on your personal interests and career goals. The degree plan requires the following six modules:

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  • 1. General Education Core Curriculum (42 semester credit hours minimum)

    • Communication (6 semester credit hours) Code 010

      • ENG 1310

        College Writing I

        ENG 1320

        College Writing II

        HON 2301A

        Writing to Change the World

        HON 2301B

        Writing Yourself into Academia: Creating Portraiture

    • Mathematics (3 semester credit hours) Code 020

      • MATH 1312

        College Statistics and Algebra

        MATH 1315

        College Algebra1

        MATH 1316

        Survey of Contemporary Mathematics

        MATH 1317

        Plane Trigonometry

        MATH 1319

        Mathematics for Business and Economics I

        MATH 1329

        Mathematics for Business and Economics II

        MATH 2321

        Calculus for Life Sciences I

        MATH 2417

        Pre-Calculus Mathematics

        MATH 2471

        Calculus I

        HON 2302A

        Elementary Number Theory

        HON 2302B

        Graph Theory and Applications

        1See Department of Mathematics section of the University catalog for minimum test scores and/or prerequisites required to enroll in these courses.  Students may have to complete MATH 1300 or MATH 1311 before enrolling in MATH 1315.

    • Life, Physical Sciences (6 semester credit hours) Code 030

      • ANTH 2414

        Biological Anthropology

        BIO 1320

        Modern Biology I, Molecules, Cells, and Physiology

        BIO 1330

        Functional Biology

        BIO 1331

        Organismal Biology

        BIO 1421

        Modern Biology II, Organisms, Evolution, and Environment

        CHEM 1310

        Introductory Chemistry for Non-Science Majors1

        CHEM 1330

        Chemistry for Non-Science Majors

        CHEM 1341

        General Chemistry1

        CHEM 1342

        General Chemistry II

        GEO 1305


        GEOL 1410

        Physical Geology

        GEOL 1420

        Historical Geology

        PHYS 1310

        Elementary Physics

        PHYS 1315

        General Physics I

        PHYS 1320

        Elementary Physics

        PHYS 1325

        General Physics II

        PHYS 1340

        Astronomy: Solar System

        PHYS 1350

        Astronomy: Stars and Galaxies

        PHYS 1430


        PHYS 2425

        Electricity and Magnetism

        HON 2303A

        Teaching Physical Science to Children

        HON 2303B

        Astronomy in Art, History, and Literature

        HON 2303C

        Building a Greener Future: One Home at a Time

        1Students will not receive general education core curriculum credit for both CHEM 1310 and CHEM 1341

    • Creative Arts (2 semester credit hours) Code 050

      • ART 2313

        Introduction to Fine Arts

        DAN 2313

        Introduction to Fine Arts

        MU 2313

        Introduction to Fine Arts

        TH 2313

        Introduction to Fine Arts

        HON 2305A

        African American Popular Music: Society, Politics, and Culture

        HON 2305B

        Women and Texas Music

        HON 2305C

        Italy and Arts of the Islamic World

    • American History (6 semester credit hours) Code 060

      • HIST 1310

        History of the United States to 1877

        HIST 1320

        History of the United States, 1877 to Date

        HON 2306A

        American History Through Memoirs

        HON 2306B

        Baseball and the American Experience

        HON 2306C

        American in the 1960s: A History of Movements and Ideas

        HON 2306D

        Witches,Whores,Murderers&Thieves:Capital Crime in Early America

        HON 2306E

        Early American History Through Biography

    • Government/ Political Science (6 semester credit hours) Code 070

      • POSI 2310

        Principles of American Government

        POSI 2320

        Functions of American Government

        HON 2307A

        Democracy in America

        HON 2307B

        Contemporary Issues in American Politics

    • Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 semester credit hours) Code 080

      • ANTH 1312

        Cultural Anthropology

        ECO 2301

        Principles of Economics

        ECO 2314

        Principles of Microeconomics

        GEO 1310

        World Geography

        PSY 1300

        Introduction to Psychology

        SOCI 1310

        Introduction of Sociology

        PFW 1301

        Social & Behavioral Dimensions of Physical Fitness & Wellness

        HON 2308A

        Economic Anthropology

    • Texas State Area Option (6 semester credit hours) Codes 090, 091, and 094

      • COMM 1310

        Fundamentals of Human Communication

        HON 2309B

        Re-Humanizing Communication

        HON 2309F

        CS Lewis: Chronicles of a Master Communicator

        HON 2309L

        Communication and Consumer Culture

        HON 2309O

        Talking Like TED

      • ENG 2310

        British Literature before 1785

        ENG 2320

        British Literature since 1785

        ENG 2330

        World Literature before 1600

        ENG 2340

        World Literature since 1600

        ENG 2359

        US Literature before 1865

        ENG 2360

        US Literature since 1865

        HON 2309A

        Origins of Civilization

        HON 2309C

        Great Ideas: Humanities I

        HON 2309D

        Magic Realism in the Works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez

        HON 2309E

        Preserving Humanity in the Face of Conflict:The War Story Genre

        HON 2309G

        Nature and the Quest for Meaning

        HON 2309H

        Great Ideas: Humanities II

        HON 2309I

        Plotting the American Experience

        HON 2309J

        Memoirs from Lives off the Neurotypical Map

        HON 2309K

        The Death Plot: Fiction, Memoirs, Peoms

        HON 2309M

        From Jay-Z to Kendrick Lamar: Politics,Power,&Identity in Hip Hop Literature

        HON 2309N

        Don Quixote and the Birth of the Modern Novel

  • This module relates to your prior career or college.  It can be completed with academic and/or vocational education transfer work or credit awarded for prior learning, training, and examinations.  Beginning Fall 2015 the required courses are OCED 3350 and OCED 4350.  OCED 4111 is an optional course for students interested in applying for prior work life experience and it is recommending that this course be taken as early as possible in the program.

    Students must have an overall transfer GPA of 2.25.  Current Texas State students must also have a Texas State GPA of 2.25.

    Students are strongly encouraged to have completed ENG 1310 and ENG 1320 prior to enrolling in OCED 4350, and OCED 4111 due to the writing-intensive nature of the courses.

  • This module of the BAAS degree is interdisciplinary and individualized to the student's career goals.  Students will choose 3000 and/or 4000 level courses and at least 3 academic departments must be represented.  The professional development courses will be selected during enrollment in OCED 3350.

  • If two years of the same foreign language are taken in high school, then no additional language hours will be required for the degree.  In the absence of foreign language taken in high school, then two semesters of the same foreign language (1410 and 1420) must be taken at the college level, and the requirement will be added to the student's degree audit.

  • Number of hours required are determined by the number of hours needed to meet the 120 hours for the degree and/or residency requirement and/or advanced hour requirement.  Students should not take any electives until the required preliminary courses are completed and the DAR (degree audit report) has been finalized.