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BAAS Degree Planning

In the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree program you will have an opportunity to individualize your degree program based on your personal interests and career goals. The degree plan requires the following six modules:

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  • This module relates to your prior career or college.  It can be completed with academic and/or vocational education transfer work or credit awarded for prior learning, training, and examinations.  Beginning Fall 2015 the required courses are OCED 3350 and OCED 4350.  OCED 4111 is an optional course for students interested in applying for prior work life experience and it is recommending that this course be taken as early as possible in the program.

    Students must have an overall transfer GPA of 2.25.  Current Texas State students must also have a Texas State GPA of 2.25.

    Students are strongly encouraged to have completed ENG 1310 and ENG 1320 prior to enrolling in OCED 4350, and OCED 4111 due to the writing-intensive nature of the courses.

  • This module of the BAAS degree is interdisciplinary and individualized to the student's career goals.  Students will choose 3000 and/or 4000 level courses and at least 3 academic departments must be represented.  The professional development courses will be selected during enrollment in OCED 3350.

  • If two years of the same foreign language are taken in high school, then no additional language hours will be required for the degree.  In the absence of foreign language taken in high school, then two semesters of the same foreign language (1410 and 1420) must be taken at the college level, and the requirement will be added to the student's degree audit.

  • Number of hours required are determined by the number of hours needed to meet the 120 hours for the degree and/or residency requirement and/or advanced hour requirement.  Students should not take any electives until the required preliminary courses are completed and the DAR (degree audit report) has been finalized.