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Sample Course Sheets

During OCED 3350 students will identify the classes to be used for the professional development and may choose one of the following modules OR customize their own with the assistance of an OWLS academic advisor.

In general, BAAS students will need at least 3 subjects represented in the 30 advanced hours required for graduation. 

Please review catalog course descriptions, delivery systems, class schedules, and prerequisites (if required) before making the selection. These modules do not appear as a major on the degree audit and are simply areas of concentration.

The topic course sheets are only SAMPLES – students can build an individualized concentration. Individual concentrations should be designed in consultation with an OWLS academic advisor and/or the OWLS undergraduate coordinator.

Course Delivery Methods

Courses are delivered in a variety of formats: online, hybrid, and traditionally on the San Marcos and Round Rock campuses. Both daytime and evening classes are available.

Online courses are delivered to the student via TRACS, an Internet-based collaborative learning environment.

Online courses generally have no required face-to-face meetings.

Hybrid courses are the same as online courses except they have two to three required class meetings. Hybrid course meetings are conducted via Internet-based video conferencing.

Traditional courses are delivered in a face-to-face classroom with regularly scheduled meetings each week. Traditional courses available at the San Marcos campus are shown with the designation (SM); Traditional courses available at the Round Rock campus are shown with the designation