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What is the Capstone?

What it is:

  • The BAAS Capstone is a needs-based project in which you create a deliverable product (tangible outcome) for an organization that is doing the type of work you hope to do after you graduate.

Capstone Project Requirements:

The Capstone project must

  • Relate to the classes you took in your Professional Development module
  • Consist of a new collegiate-level experience and may not duplicate previous or current skills
  • Relate to your future career goals
  • Challenge you to solve a problem for the site organization

Capstone Project Examples:

  • Videos, websites, plans (e.g., business, marketing, fund raising), teaching/training modules, policy reviews, HR manuals, newsletters, mobile apps, health/wellness promotions (brochures, PSAs, posters), etc.

What a Capstone is NOT:

  • It is not teaching, coaching, or tutoring, etc.
  • It is not service: answering phones, feeding the poor
  • It is not an activity: fund-raising, wedding planning, political canvassing

Preparing for the Capstone:

Students must

  • Be in their last semester at Texas State
  • Complete all other degree obligations first (core, OE, and PD must all be complete)
  • If you want to take additional classes with the Capstone, you must submit a waiver to be reviewed by the OWLS Department. (Found HERE)

Helpful Tips

  • The capstone applications typically take more than a week to complete. Start early, edit often, seek help from the writing center.