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Step 2 - Start Application!

After your Capstone Eligibility Form has been reviewed, you will be given access to the TRACS Site where you can find all of the instructions and forms to complete the application process. 

  • Application Requirements

    • You must complete the whole application 
    • You must use professional, academic writing standards
    • The capstone classes - OCED 4360 and OCED 4361 - are writing intensive classes
      • You must write with professional, academic standards in the capstone courses
      • All your writing must be in APA format (you learned about APA formatting conventions in the BAAS intro classes you took - CTE 3313E/OCED 3350 and OCED 4350)
    • Much of the information you include in your application will be used in the capstone courses
      • The better you do on your application, the easier the start of OCED 4360 will be for you
  • Completing Your Application

    1. Download the Capstone Application INSTRUCTIONS document 
    2. Download the Capstone Application TEMPLATE
      • The TEMPLATE is the document you will fill in to turn in for approval to enroll in your capstone courses
    3. Follow the instructions written in red on the Instructions document
    4. Review the Capstone Application EXAMPLE 

  • Developing Your Objectives

    • Your four capstone objectives drive your project
      • They are the overarching steps you will take to complete your project
    • Use the Capstone Objectives WORKSHEET to develop your objectives
    • Review the Capstone Objectives EXAMPLES 
      • Use them to help develop your objectives - DO NOT copy the examples
    • Consult with your Site Supervisor about the best sources to research, the best outside authority to use, and the needs of the organization