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Important Dates & Deadlines

  • Priority deadlineNovember 11, 2018 at 11:55 pm. 

    • The priority deadline is for currently enrolled OWLS students

  • Late Registration deadline: January 2, 2019 at 11:55 pm.

    • The late registration deadline is for returning OWLS students (i.e., students who were not enrolled in classes the semester prior to capstone; readmits)

Applications received after the deadlines will not be reviewed. Students who cannot meet the deadlines will have to apply during the next application cycle. 



Submissions Begin

Submissions Deadline

Capstone Eligibility Form

 Monday, September 17th



Capstone Application [PRIORITY]

*Current OWLS Students*

Monday, September 24th

Sunday, November 11th 

Spring 2019 Registration 

Monday, October 22nd

Sunday, December 2nd 


Capstone Application [LATE]

*Readmit Students or Late Registration*  

Monday, November 12th

Thursday, January 3rd

Late Spring 2019 Registration

Tuesday, December 4th

Thursday, January 17th 

Returning (Readmit) Deadline by Admissions

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Saturday, December 1, 2018


  • Capstone Eligibility Form

    • Students must submit the form to be added to the TRACS Site. 

    • Submissions can start Monday, September 17th 

  • Capstone Application *Current OWLS Students*

    • Applications can start Monday, September 24th 

    • Students that want to meet normal registration guidelines with no late fees

    • Overrides to OCED 4360/4361 will be granted once applications are approved. 

      • This will happen 11/26-11/30

  • Capstone Application *Readmit Students or Late Registration*

    • If you miss the Sunday, November 11th deadline, you fall into this category.

    • Check with Admissions regarding your student status!

    • Overrides to OCED 4360/4361 will be granted once applications are approved. 

      • You will not receive any feedback until 1/7-1/11.

      • This is also during late registration; therefore, you may be charged late fees. 

Step 4: What Happens Next

  • Registering For Your Capstone Classes

    • Once your application is approved by the department you will be provided permission to register for the two capstone classes - OCED 4360 and OCED 4361
    • You must register for both classes at the same time
  • What to Expect in the Capstone Courses

    • The first 8-weeks of the semester, you will take OCED 4360; the second 8-weeks of the semester, you will take OCED 4361
    • The first 3 weeks of OCED 4360 will be intense! You should be prepared to write A LOT during this time
      • Assignments you will complete include an Activity Plan, an Evaluation Plan, and a 10-page Literature Review
    • You will start working on your project approximately 4 weeks into OCED 4360
    • You will continue to work on your project as you finish OCED 4360 and start OCED 4361
    • You will finish your project halfway through OCED 4361
    • The remainder of OCED 4361 consists of blogging about your project and experience. You should be prepared to write A LOT during this time
  • Important Information

    • You should only take your two capstone classes during your last semester
    • You must pass OCED 4360 in order to remain enrolled in OCED 4361
    • You must pass both capstone classes in order to graduate with a BAAS degree

For all Capstone questions and inquiries, please email the OWLS Department at