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Step 3 - Submitting Your Application

  • Reviewing Your Application

    1. Proofread your application for typos and errors
    2. Ask someone else to proofread it for you
      • It is often difficult to see our own typos; having someone else read your application will help you find errors
      • Contact the Writing Center if you need additional help with professional, academic writing and/or APA formatting conventions
    3. Check your application against the Capstone Application RUBRIC
      • Revise any areas that need improvement based on the rubric

  • Submitting Your Application

    • Once you have proofread your application, corrected all the errors, and verified that you have satisfied the rubric, you will turn it in to Assignments
    • You will also upload the Capstone Rubric to Assignments
      • Be sure to include your name at the top and initial all of the boxes that pertain to your application
    • Be sure to properly name your submissions by following the naming conventions listed in the Assignment

  • Revising Your Application

    • Within two weeks of submitting your application you will receive feedback from the department
    • Feedback will be given in the Assignment area where you submit your application
    • Follow the feedback to improve your application
    • You must improve your application until it is approved 
    • The better your initial application is, the higher the likelihood of having your application approved the first time you submit it 
    • Once your application is approved you will receive permission to register for your two capstone classes - OCED 4360 and OCED 4361
  • Application Deadlines

    • Priority deadline (for current BAAS students: Sunday, July 7th, 2019 at 11:55 pm
    • Late Registration deadline (for returning BAAS students - readmits): Sunday, August 11th, 2019 at 11:55 pm
    • NOTE: you are encouraged to submit your application as soon as it is ready; waiting until the deadline will affect the amount of time you will have to revise your application.