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MSIS/MAIS Student Presentations

Practicum Forum Presentations Spring 2015


Rachel Arnold, Water Conservation and Stability

Leroy Gaylor, Washington Tyrannus School of the Arts

Pricilla Martinez, Learning to be a Leader – Center Program Manager

Dawn Moers, Starting a New Safety Program

Jeffrey Olson, Overtime Tracking, Documentation and Storage – Moving Forward at the Austin Policy Department

Weldon Brent Roberts, Tracheostomy Care and Management

Summer Salazar, Texas State University - Office of Professional Development


Research Forum Presentations Fall 2014


Ernest Villalpando - Does Peer Mentoring Help First Time Freshman Be Successful?

Esraa Makhdom - Assessing the sleep knowledge among respiratory care students; using a modified survey

Kristy Kulhanek – Lifelong learning and adult educators: a comparisons of beliefs and actions

Nathan Smith - Leadership in the Success of Small Businesses: A Cross-Case Study

Robert McAvay - A Case Study on the Effects of Deployment and Injuries on Military Families:
Are We Doing Enough for Them?

Shweta Shrivastav - Case Study on Selection and Implementation of Learning Management System at a
Non-Profit Organization


Research Forum Presentations Spring 2014


Autumn Guel, A Comparative Study of Nontraditional Student Outcomes within the Context of Academic Support Services
Dolores Hobbs, Living Life after the Move
Larissa Leath, Assessment of Sleep Hygiene in Undergraduate Students at Texas State University, How it Affects Academic Performance and Mental Health
Aracely Martinez, Assessment of Sleep Hygiene and its Effect on Academic Performance in Texas State University Students
Jeff Nelson, Service Dogs: A New Prescription for PTSD
Jose Rodriquez, E-books in Higher Education: The New Learning Experience
Marie Sibley, The Use of Social Media Among Voters between High and Low Socio Economic Communities
Tim Walker, Juvenile Alternative Education Facilities: Identifying the Target Populations