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Graduate Scholarships

Department Scholarships

Name Semester Funding Deadline
Jane Cappe Research Award Summer/Fall 2018 March 31, 2018
The Melvin Weathersby Scholarship Fall 2018 TBA
Burd-Cook Scholarship Summer/Fall 2018 March 31, 2018


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  • The Jane Cappe Research Enhancement Award was named in honor of a Texas State University MSIS student. Ms. Cappe completed her MSIS degree while holding both full and part-time jobs.

    Jane Cappe has been formally recognized as one of the top civilian performers in her Department of Defense agency, was a Dewain Cobb Research Forum award winner, and also received the Department of Technology's outstanding graduate student award.

    During her tenure as a graduate student, Ms. Cappe became convinced of the direct cause and effect relationship between the effort expended in the research portion of the MSIS program, and the amount of personal growth and critical skills that resulted.

    To promote those skills, the award criteria focuses more on quality of effort involved in research and the ability to challenge the learner rather than GPA. The Jane Cappe Research Enhancement Award was established by Mr. Dewain Cobb. The award was named after Ms. Cappe because of her personal integrity, scholarship, critical thinking, and pursuit of excellence in the academic and nonacademic environment.

    The award's purpose is to recognize outstanding learners in the MSIS and MAIS and their proposed research. Additionally, the award will provide financial assistance for execution of the research project.


    • All applicants must complete an application and provide a copy of their research proposal and unofficial transcript.
    • Applicants will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria, in addition to the essay contained in the application:
      1. Quality of the research outline.
      2. Ability of the proposed research to challenge and strengthen the applicant's skills.
      3. Significance of the research.
      4. Recommendation of the graduate advisor.

    Applications may be obtained at application in Word format.

    All materials must be emailed to no later than March 31st of the current year. The packages will be evaluated and two winners announced will be announced. The award will be in the amount of $400 each. These funds will be used for the research project.

  • This scholarship honors the memory of Melvin Weathersby (1937-2015) who was a long time faculty member and advisor in the Department of Organization, Workforce, and Leadership Studies. The scholarship is designed to assist students pursuing the BAAS or MED or MSIS/MAIS degree.

    Two $500 scholarships will be awarded to assist students with their Fall 2017 tuition. Students must submit the application to the Department of Occupational, Workforce, & Leadership Studies no later than June 1, 2017.

    Applications are good for one submission only. Further funding would be dependent on the funds available and new applications would have to be submitted next year.


    • Recipient accepted into the department in good standing with a 3.0 GPA for graduate students and a 2.75 GPA for undergraduate students.

    • Recipient has been working full-time for the last ten years.

    • Recipient must provide a two page essay that explains his/her need for assistance and career goals. Also, applicant must indicate the nature and duration of the full-time work he/she has been engaged in for ten years.

  • This scholarship was established to honor Richard Burd and Richard Cook for their work and dedication to the department/students and to preserve their memory.  They were long time faculty and advisors who served the students in the San Antonio area.


    Applicants must be pursuing one of the following degrees:  Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences, Management of Technical Education, Master of Arts or Sciences in Interdisciplinary Studies.