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What our graduates are saying…

Initially, I was hesitant to enroll in the Occupational Education program at Texas State University-San Marcos. I was unsure what to expect regarding the quality of courses, instructors and, flexibility and availability of courses offered. Having obtained my MSIS in 2008, however, I was thoroughly pleased with the quality of education I received. I am very appreciative of the time, energy and cooperation extended to me by the staff in the Occupational Education Program which is now the Occupational Workforce and Leadership Studies Department at Texas State University. It was a challenging journey, but oh, so worth it!

Ivette Martinez, MSIS 2008

I am a 2009 graduate of the Occupational Education program receiving my Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies (MSIS) degree. In my opinion, this master’s program is beneficial to those who are looking to further develop themselves professionally and personally. This program allows you the flexibility to develop the curriculum that is most valuable to you. The faculty of the Occupational Education program are dedicated and committed to your success and they provide the necessary resources to achieve those goals.

Terence Parker, MSIS 2009

I encourage anyone who is seeking to pursue their master’s degree to seriously consider the Occupational Educational master’s program. The MSIS and Master’s in Education (M Ed) programs provide the tools to broaden your skills and knowledge pertaining to your occupation as well as life in general. I am a proud graduate of Texas State University, having acquired my BAAS in Applied Arts and Sciences in 2007 and my MSIS in Interdisciplinary Studies in 2011.

Why did I choose these degree paths? When a non-traditional student begins to look at completing their educational requirements, they don’t just look at completing any degree. They look at what they need to succeed in their occupational endeavor. If you are an accountant or a business owner you might look at getting that Accounting Degree or an MBA. If you work in the public sector, like I do, you might look at getting an MPA, or Masters in Public Administration. I looked at all these options, and chose the MSIS in Interdisciplinary Studies.

By choosing this degree plan through the Occupational Education department, which is now the Occupational, Workforce and Leadership Studies Department, I was able to follow my basic Public Administration course schedule, but I was also able to incorporate Business and Education courses into my curricula. By doing this, I was able to design a degree plan the fit the needs of my job, both current and future.

Donna Harrell, MSIS 2011

In August 2011, I had the privilege to graduate from the Occupational Education program, which is now the Occupational, Workforce and Leadership Studies Department, with a Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (MSIS). This program truly impacted my life as it helped me to realize my passion and discover my career and life goals. I would highly recommend this program to any person who has an interest in education, but also desires to understand multiple disciplines. I believe that this approach provides a more holistic view of systemic issues in our society and produces more solution-oriented thinkers.

Shetay N. Ashford, MSIS 2011

As a recent grad of the OWLS MSIS Degree Program, I can tell you that I had an outstanding experience here at Texas State. The faculty and staff are above par in every regard and truly possess the desire to help you succeed. I have truly enjoyed the flexibility of the MSIS program with regard to formulating a degree plan which centered on my own needs. I was able to complete courses in leadership, communication, instructional strategies, criminal justice, career and technology and public administration. Many of the specialized courses in this program were specifically designed to facilitate adult learning and provided useful tools that are realistic to any workplace. I obtained valuable knowledge through my graduate research project and was challenged by my graduate research advisor to enhance my studies on my chosen topic. The simplest way to describe the OWLS department is that they simply cater to the adult student and make achieving the goal of obtaining a Master’s Degree enjoyable and possible. I had a truly enriching experience at both Texas State and with the Department of Occupational, Workforce and Leadership Studies.

Jason Castillo, MSIS 2012

The faculty and staff of the OWLS Department at Texas State work with the students at the individual level. My advisors helped me choose the right courses at the right times which would fit in with my schedule. Working a full time job as a teacher and at a great distance from Texas State, my advisors helped me acquire courses that not only worked around my schedule, but also gave me the opportunity to take classes in San Antonio, which is close to my home in Eagle Pass. The professors work with you and establish relationships with the students by recognizing their individual goals for the class and their careers. Thanks to the dedication from my advisors and professors, I was able to accomplish my goal of obtaining a Master of Education with a Major in Management of Technical Education.

Robert Rodriguez, M Ed 2012