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Texas State University Philosophy Dialogue Talk - Housing & Gentrification with Dr. Ashford-Hanserd

Picture of the Dialogue

Housing activists from San Antonio and a social equity scholar from Texas State University led a conversation about "Gentrification" at Dialogues for Activism, Friday (6/22/18) at 9:00 a.m. at the LBJ Museum of San Marcos.

The dialogue on "Gentrification" was moderated by San Marcos activist Tomas de Leon. The session was emceed by Diann McCabe. The panel featured housing activists Marlon Davis and Salena Santibañez, and equity scholar Dr. Shetay N. Ashford-Hanserd.

Jo Ann Carson, coordinator of the Texas State University Philosophy Dialogue program, facilitated a deliberative dialogue on "Equitable Housing."

"Diverse and affordable housing has been a topic of conversation in the context of Code SMTX in council chambers this year as the San Marcos median home price surpassed $150,000 in 2016. Eight years ago, the median home price in San Marcos was $121,700, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. At the same time, the median household income in 2016 was an estimated $30,985.
“We must do better,” said San Marcos Mayor John Thomaides.

"In 2014, the city adopted its affordable/workforce housing policy that included goals such as increasing the homeownership rate, encouraging the creation of a diverse housing stock, reducing builder costs for owner-occupied housing and encouraging infill development in existing neighborhoods." (Community Impact Newspaper 3/29/2018)

The San Marcos web page on Fair Housing identifies needs for affordable housing and more public knowledge about Fair Housing.

And Austin recently had a task force on institutional racism and systemic inequalities, which issued recommendations for dealing with gentrification:

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