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OWLS Faculty & GRA research at Adult Higher Education Alliance

Protective Factors to Foster Resiliency in Healthcare Professional

Trainees Carrie Boden, Wendy L. Ward, and Lindsey Wilson

42nd Annual Conference Proceedings

Hosted by

The UCF College of Education and Human Performance

The Morgridge International Reading Center

University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL

March 8-9, 2018


High stress levels and burnout are common in the healthcare field today. Healthcare professionals (HCP) can protect themselves by remaining cognizant of preventive and intervention strategies to utilize when stress levels are threatening burnout. Within one’s professional identity, developing resiliency skills and actively practicing self-care are some strategies that are helpful in maintaining effective work performance and patient care. To develop and recognize these skills, HCPs undergoing transformational learning (TL) can develop new ways of thinking, acting, and feeling in their work and everyday life to help prevent burnout (Transformative Learning Centre, 2004). Keywords: Transformative Learning, Healthcare Professional, Community of Practice, Adult, Resilience

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