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Undergraduate Information Sessions

The Department of Occupational, Workforce, and Leadership Studies provides information sessions for students interested in attending the BAAS program at Texas State.

We invite you to attend one of these sessions to see if this is the right program for you.

You must attend an information session before you can meet with an academic advisor to become a BAAS student.



  • Because of the unique nature of the BAAS degree, all prospective students must complete an information session in order to gain admittance to the program.

  • After you attend any information session, you can meet with either academic advisor on either campus

    • This is when you will be able to provide your past transcripts, vocational education, and outline your degree plan.

  • Admission to Texas State is not required to attend on online session.

  • If you are interested in taking courses at the Round Rock Campus, you must attend a RRC session.


  • For more information about the BAAS degree, please fill out the RSVP for Online Information Session by clicking the blue button to the right.
  • Once we receive your form, you will be given access to the BAAS Info Session page. Once you have access to the page, you may return to it as many times as you like.
  • Forms are processed Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Forms received outside of office hours will be processed the next business day.

If you are interested in taking courses at the Round Rock Campus, you must attend a RRC session.

The information session is the same presentation in both platforms with the exception that the Round Rock sessions provides requirements for their Round Rock students.

If you are planning to attend Round Rock courses or prefer to meet with a Round Rock advisor, you must attend a RRC session.


**Also, San Marcos students are also able to attend RRC sessions even if they do not to plan on taking courses or meeting with the RRC advisor.**





Thursday 5/10 12noon Avery 404
Wednesday 5/23 12noon ONLINE
Friday 6/1 3:00pm Avery 453
Friday 6/15 2:00pm ONLINE
Wednesday 6/27 10:00am Avery 453
Thursday 7/5 10:00am Avery 453
Friday 7/13 12noon ONLINE
Monday 7/23 4:30pm Avery 453
Tuesday 8/7 12noon ONLINE
Monday 8/13 2:00pm Avery 453
Friday 8/24 12noon ONLINE