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Work/Life Experience Credit

Texas State University recognizes the value of life experience gained through workplace, military, public service or community experience. In the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree program, you can earn up to 24 semester hours based on your work experience, reducing the length of time and amount of course work needed to complete your degree.

Students who have documented work experience may elect to apply for credits during OCED 4111 (prerequisites CTE 3313E and OCED 4350). During this course you will build a portfolio that demonstrates your work history and shows the competencies you have acquired. The instructor will guide you through the process of documenting your history and skills. You may also document non-collegiate or training credit in the course.

CTE 3313E and OCED 4350 require a 2.25 overall GPA and a 2.25 Texas State GPA if you have completed coursework at Texas State for enrollment and is generally taken during the first semester. Students submitting their portfolios for credit may receive up to 24 hours of college credit.

You have the option of taking the course via internet or as a hybrid class.

For more information e-mail or attached an information session.