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Step 1: Do you Qualify?

You must meet the prerequisites for the Capstone (OCED 4360/4361)

  1. Completed OCED 3350/OCED 4350.
  2. Must be Core Complete.
  3. OE Module must be Complete.
  4. Must be in the final semester of the degree (completed all other degree requirements).
  5. 2.25 GPA in the professional development module.
  6. 2.00 Texas State GPA.
  7. Watched the 'BAAS Capstone Orientation' video. STEP 2
  8. Completed a mandatory workshop. (You must re-attend a workshop, if you attended a workshop in previous semesters)
  9. Submitted the 'Capstone- PD Confirmation Form' for approval to be added to the TRACS site.
  10. Received approval from OWLS to upload the required documents to “BAAS Capstone Apply” TRACS site.
  11. Submitted the BAAS Capstone Application, Writing Capstone Objectives, & Capstone Application Rubic for review to the TRACS site.
  12. Received approval on the Application for Enrollment in OCED 4360/4361 from the capstone coordinator


OCED 4360 and OCED 4361 are taken in the semester you graduate.
They should be the only classes you take.



CLEP/DSST Examinations AND/OR Correspondence Courses
may not be taken in the last semester of the degree.